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Jewelry Service


Jewelry Services

Jewelry is a valuable possession that requires proper maintenance and care to keep it looking its best. Over time, jewelry can accumulate dirt, grime, and even tarnish. To maintain its luster and shine, regular cleaning is necessary.


Here are some tips for cleaning your jewelry:


1. Determine the type of metal and gemstones: The first step in cleaning your jewelry is to identify the type of metal and gemstones. Some materials are more delicate than others and require special care. For example, you should avoid using harsh chemicals on soft stones like opals or pearls.


2. Use mild soap and water: For most jewelry, a gentle cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the jewelry, taking care not to scratch the metal or gemstones. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.


3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and acetone can damage your jewelry. Avoid using these substances when cleaning your jewelry.


4. Use a polishing cloth: A polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish and bring back the shine to your jewelry. Be sure to use a polishing cloth that is appropriate for the type of metal you are cleaning.


5. Consider professional cleaning: If your jewelry is particularly valuable or delicate, it may be best to have it professionally cleaned. A jeweler can clean your jewelry using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure it is not damaged in the process.


6. Store your jewelry properly: After cleaning your jewelry, store it properly to avoid damage. Keep it in a dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Consider using a jewelry box or pouch to protect it from scratches and dust.


Cleaning your jewelry is an important part of maintaining its beauty and value.

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We provide a range of services to help you take care of your precious jewelry and keep them in top condition. Our skilled professionals are here to help you with anything related to jewelry. 


Over time, your jewelry can accumulate dirt and grime, which can dull the shine and make them look less appealing. Our cleaning services use gentle yet effective methods to remove dirt, dust, and other debris to restore your jewelry’s original shine and sparkle.


If your jewelry has been damaged or broken, we can help you repair it. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to fix broken chains, replace missing stones, and restore the appearance of your jewelry.


Over time, your jewelry can lose its shine and appear dull. Our polishing services use special tools and techniques to restore your jewelry’s original luster, so it looks as good as new.


Rhodium Plating:

Rhodium plating is a process that involves coating jewelry with a thin layer of rhodium, a precious metal that is part of the platinum family. This plating helps enhance the jewelry’s appearance by adding a bright, reflective finish and also provides a protective layer that can prevent tarnish and scratches. Our skilled jewelers can perform rhodium plating for your jewelry to give it a beautiful and long-lasting finish.


If your jewelry doesn’t fit comfortably, we can help you resize it to ensure that it fits perfectly. Our skilled professionals use precise techniques to resize rings, bracelets, and other jewelry items, so they fit comfortably and securely.


Personalize your jewelry with our engraving services. We can engrave initials, names, or special messages onto your jewelry to make it truly unique.


If you’re not sure about what type of jewelry to buy, or if you need help selecting the perfect gift, we offer consultation services. Our professionals can help you choose the right type of jewelry for your needs and preferences.


If you need to determine the value of your jewelry, we offer appraisal services. Our experts can provide you with a detailed analysis of your jewelry’s value based on current market trends and other factors.


In-house jewelry designing and manufacturing:
If you’re looking for a truly unique piece of jewelry, we offer in-house jewelry designing and manufacturing services. Our professionals can work with you to design a custom piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style and preferences. We’ll then manufacture the jewelry in-house, using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure that it’s of the highest quality.


Our jewelry services are designed to help you take care of your precious jewelry, keep it in top condition, and even create custom pieces that reflect your personal style. So, if you’re looking for quality jewelry services, look no further than our team of skilled professionals!


Be sure to check your jewelry regularly as well as the settings of the stones. For any concerns, you should not wear your piece of jewelry until you have had it evaluated by an expert.


All the products from Farah Jewellery come with free yearly cleaning service, that may include polish, rhodium plating, fixing any moving stones etc. For any services please contact us at 0097143241140 or [email protected]

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